We are a group of board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners aiming to enhance your mental and psychological wellbeing in a compassionate and supportive environment. Coastal Health Group provides high quality individualized mental health services. Our approach to care is holistic in nature, we provide our clients with traditional, alternative and complementary options to achieve their mental health goals. 

Our services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management and brief psychotherapy. We are happy to offer our clients face-to-face and telemedicine options for their convenience. 

New Telemedicine Services
We are excited to support your mental health needs with a wide range of services using a Telemedicine platform for your convenience. You will receive quality and affordable psychiatric care in the comfort of home or on the go.  We understand the importance of having access to your mental health provider in a timely and practical manner. 

We are currently accepting new clients and are happy to support you in your path to better health.  Appointment times are flexible including late afternoons. Telepsychiatry is now available. Contact us to set up your appointment today!

Check out our website regarding flexible payment options available. 

Boats in the Water


Bridge Over a Lake

Medication management

telemedicine services


Therapy serviceS*

Plant Mirror Reflection

Mindfulness approaches

Tahnee Diaz Rodriguez

Tahnee Diaz Rodriguez

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, DNP, PMHNP

Sandra Pelaez-Munsey

Sandra Pelaez-Munsey

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, DNP, PMHNP

Giuliana Altare

Giuliana Altare

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, MSN, APRN, PMHNP



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